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Bell Curve Wisdom

2023-04-05 — Michael Haupt

We’ve all come across bell curves. Hopefully not as a form to squeeze people into in employee performance evaluation frameworks, but that’s a different matter. Today, I’m all about the bell curve meme that’s used to (ironically) highlight how beginners and experts in a field often come to the same conclusions, while people in the middle prefer something of utter complexity.

Here’s a software engineering related collection. Many of the entries are thought-provoking. Where are you (yes, you) on these?

Thinking on, if beginners in their naïveté and experts in their experience-backed wisdom come to the same conclusions, what does that mean? Experience proves intuition right, right? Is there a short but rarely trodden path from intuition to pragmatism?

Bottom line: hire junior, grow senior, and listen to the juniors more.

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