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Crime City

2022-10-29 — Michael Haupt

A while ago, the family played a game that we all found entertaining - Micro Macro: Crime City. The concept is really simple. The players get a large (large!) map with lots and lots of tiny little details, and a dozen or so card decks describing crime cases the players have to solve step by step (card by card).

Yup, it's a large and detailed map indeed.

The card deck starts out with the description of a crime scene that the players have to find on the map before they can move on to answering the first question. Once they are confident they've found the answer, they turn the card and read the back side, which gives further hints. Then, it's the next card. Each case deck consists of up to nine or so cards.

As mentioned, the concept is really simple, there are practically no rules to remember. Don't be fooled - solving the cases can be rather tricky, and sometimes require a fair amount of deduction and combination.

The only downside is that once all the cases are solved, the game doesn't have a high replay fun factor any more. I'd still recommend it warmly.

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