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Daily Standup Patterns

2022-02-13 — Michael Haupt

Here's a collection of patterns for daily standup meetings, by Jason Yip.

I've been wondering a lot "who/what should be attending" standups, pretty much ever since I attend them. Should the people attend, i.e., everyone reports on their progress towards the goals? Or should the work attend, i.e., the people assigned to the tickets on the board report on how the work defined by those has progressed towards the goals? Both approaches have merit as well as issues. I've observed that "people attend" often derails the standup into storytelling, while "work attends" bears a certain potential for derailing into technical deep dives.

Whatever it is, the standup should always be about progress towards the goals, and what has been done since yesterday, what will be done until tomorrow, and if any support is needed. Not more. If anything, standups should be crisp.

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