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Delivering Feedback

2022-04-22 — Michael Haupt

After this piece from a while ago about feedback having to be a two-way street, here's another refresher on feedback. It's a good and concise overview and a reminder of how feedback should be delivered: free of judgment, sticking to the observable, and to impact. I specifically appreciate the "don'ts" part of the article, with its reminder about timeliness, and avoidance of slamming the feedback sandwich.

I would like to add, once more, that feedback can be positive or negative ("praise" and "criticism") - you can observe and describe behaviours that have a good or a bad impact. I would also like to add, once more, that there isn't a dichotomy between "good" and "constructive" feedback - the latter is often used as a lame euphemism for "negative" feedback. All feedback should be constructive.

And please keep it a two-way street to avoid making it all about you.


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