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German Humour and Wagner Music

2022-07-03 — Michael Haupt

There is such a thing as German humour, and Loriot defines it. Also, when it comes to "German" music, Wagner is probably on the top ten list of those who define it.

What happens if you combine the two?

You get "Loriot erzählt Richard Wagners Ring des Nibelungen", a collection of musical snippets from the vast 16-hour opera cycle, with the key story line narrated by Loriot in his unmistakeable precise and ever so slightly ironic style. I'm sorry, you need to be able to understand German to appreciate this, but here's a review that also summarises a bit.

It's sad that the 'tubes don't seem to have a trace of this gem, so I advise you to go get a recording and listen to it. Chuckles guaranteed.

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