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Glam Rock

2021-03-21 — Michael Haupt

Turns out I like glam rock. In a very broad interpretation of the genre.

Back when I was fourteen years old, I was sifting through my godfather's LP collection, and found one that looked interesting. It said "The Alan Parsons Project", and "Eye in the Sky". I had no idea what I was getting into when the first track, Sirius, started playing, but found myself waking up from some kind of trance when the A-side stopped playing. I was hooked. (Look, there's a live version of Eye in the Sky!)

Discoveries ensued. An all-time favourite is the Freudiana album. I also took a deep dive into The Camera Eye by Rush, playing it on the electric organ at some competition, which even won me a prize (go figure). Emerson, Lake, and Palmer were unavoidable.

More recently, a former colleague at eBay pointed me to Liquid Tension Experiment, and such gorgeousness as When the Water Breaks. He also suggested Ayreon, and Tool, whose Lateralus is a wonderful enigma based on the Fibonacci sequence. If that doesn't qualify as nerdy, then I don't know what does.

I'm very very open for more suggestions.

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