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Immaturity in ... Software Developers?

2022-01-29 — Michael Haupt

Here's an article on five signs of immaturity in software developers. In case you're expecting me to go on a rant about how bad some software developers are, expect disappointment. If you're a software developer, please do read it after all, and reflect, but I'm about something different.

Such signs of immaturity can show in all functions, and I'm trying to abstract from the software developer function here. To recap from the article, the five signs are these:

  1. Being a Tech Zealot

  2. Lack of Team Focus

  3. Neglecting Business Problems

  4. Rejecting of Best Practices

  5. Happy Path Focused

Frankly, you can apply all of these headlines almost unchanged to other functions - managers, PMs, controlling, HR ... you name it.

The sole and obvious exception is point one, "being a tech zealot". But the abstraction is easy. If, at any point, you think you know it all because you have your golden hammer, there you are. Avoid losing your curiosity.

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