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Meeting Sentiment Analysis

2022-03-06 — Michael Haupt

Meetings, again. This article is another variation on the theme, but one that introduces an interesting solution angle to the usual whining. I spend a lot of my time during the week in meetings, and often see what the article calls "dysfunctional meeting behaviors (including wandering off topic, complaining, and criticizing)" - sometimes, I'm guilty of that myself.

Note that I will maintain my forever held conviction that there is no dichotomy between meetings and work, but that meetings are a form of work, and that the problem isn't meetings, but bad meetings.

The solution proposed in the article is simple (and that makes its implementation complicated because the devil is in the details): take inventory of sentiments, analyse them together, get serious about setting goals for the meeting (series) that have personal relevance for each attendee, monitoring progress on those goals, and having regular honest debriefs about the meetings.

Sounds enticing.

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