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My Calendar

2022-02-19 — Michael Haupt

People frequently tell me how packed and insanely busy they think my calendar is. There are two sides to this story.

First, my calendar is simply brutally honest about my availability - it's transparent. If someone needs to talk to me and wants to schedule time, the white spots are available. I make it clear when I plan to work on my own ("focus") and what other meetings there are that I attend. This looks packed, but it's actually just what's going on.

Second, yes. There is a lot going on. I spend a substantial amount of my time in meetings of various kinds, and the frequent context switches aren't easy to handle. I might at some point just declare calendar bankruptcy and start it all over, but the calendar will always reflect accurately what I'm doing (see above), so the question is maybe not so much about the calendar but about a smart limitation of my work in progress.

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