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My City

2021-03-07 — Michael Haupt

Friends gave us My City for Christmas.

In brief, it's a placing game with cardboard pieces representing buildings in the shape of Tetris blocks. In each round, the players build their cities, and have to cover as much ground as possible. Some areas on the board can't be covered, some get you minus points if you cover them, some get you bonus points.

The game develops: in each round, the board can change by placing stickers on it that will stay there. The player is in charge of modifying their individual board, and the stickers will stay where they were placed, changing the game for the remainder of the, all in all, 24 rounds. Consequently, it gets ever more complicated.

This is a game for people who appreciate chewing on solutions for the knapsack problem, but without the backtracking option (once placed, a piece cannot be moved). I quite enjoy it, and so does our son - my wife and our daughter didn't like it just as much.

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