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Negativity Traps

2021-03-21 — Michael Haupt

Turns out there's a framework and tool for honouring other people's intentions, and it's an extended version of Hanlon's razor ("never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"). The extension factors in, amongst others, "misunderstanding" and "other probable causes". To quote:

The underlying assumption that the other person is acting out of bad intention can shut down all possible communication. The negativity trap can prevent us from reaching out to the other person.

The concept of a "negativity trap" is key. Once we're set on our negative perception of someone, that's that, and we'll only look for signs to manifest that view, but ignore any others. Bad idea.

In other, somewhat related words, translated from here:

Being positive makes you vulnerable, the cynical critic is supposedly stronger. However, they only destroy. They do not build. They are not creative, are without spirit. Criticism is good, judgment must be, but we will be saved from negativity through the principle of putting saving before judging.

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