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Old-School Music Listening

2022-07-23 — Michael Haupt

So yes, I love music, and I have a music collection that's not a playlist at some streaming service. I confess: I own CDs, and I still frequently purchase CDs.

Call me old-school. I don't get why I should pay a streaming service money every month when I can have all the stuff readily available for listening after a one-time payment and audio ripping session. (Having a phone with a lot of flash memory helps.)

My main interest is in classical music, and there, in some very cranky and niche late-romantic or 20th-century composers that aren't well served by streaming services. I understand there are streaming services for classical music fans (e.g., Idagio), but see above about one-time payments as opposed to subscriptions.

In a nutshell, you should listen to CDs.

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