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Ostersemmel Time

2021-04-09 — Michael Haupt

Happy Easter!

In my home town, Attendorn, there's a wealth of Easter traditions.

I particularly love the tradition of baking "Ostersemmel", i.e., rye/wheat/sourdough bread with generous amounts of caraway seed (good for digestion at the end of Lenten fasting, and oh so very tasty), shaped in a way vaguely resembling a fish (an ancient Christian symbol). Traditionally, those breads are formally blessed on Holy Saturday, and can be eaten only thereafter, or else. They taste best with butter and hard-boiled sliced egg or bacon.

If you're interested and can read German, check this out, otherwise ask me.

Ever since I live far away from Attendorn, I bake a pair of these myself for Easter. This year, again, mine were every bit as tasty as they had to be, and of course the family and me indulged big time.

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