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2021-12-05 — Michael Haupt

Date and time formats, oh, date and time formats. Having grown up in Germany, I was obviously used to DD.MM.YYYY, and sported the usual snobism when encountering that odd MM/DD/YYYY thing that just gets everything wrong. Yes, it enables fun things like "Pi Day" and "May the Fourth" (imagine me rolling my eyes), but it's too darn disorderly. I mean, doesn't even try to be consistent, going from somewhat specific to specific to unspecific in the date - and don't even get me started on the AM/PM mess.

Eventually, I came across the thing called ISO 8601, and, being the nerd that I am, grokked it instantly. I've been using it ever since, only taking the liberty to drop the first two Y from the YYYY (the century can usually be inferred) in handwritten notes. This beautiful little article uses all the right arguments I've always wanted to make, including endianness, so I'm done here.

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