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Things Leaders Want To Say But Can't

2022-04-01 — Michael Haupt

Here's a list of 13 things leaders want to say but can't. Number three is one I probably need to be told more often than I want to hear it, but there it is.

All the tongue-in-cheek aside, there's something serious about that list, which some of the points hint at. I'd like to emphasise that: if we're in a leadership role for the right reasons, most of us care, a lot, usually, most of the time. We can't always show it as accurately as you want it, because we, too, are bogged down in overwork, and we have some things we just can't talk about as openly as you'd expect us to.

Just this much: Please, never believe that your leader is leading precisely the way they want to. If you're frustrated by something we say or do, give us feedback and ask (empathy is for everyone) - we might not be able to give you the full story, but we'll usually be happy to explain what we can.

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