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2022-11-07 — Michael Haupt

Back in the 80s, we didn't have video streaming services, so TV series binge watching was not so much of a thing, but TV series we had. There's one I was particularly fond of, to the degree that I arranged my calendar around the time each new episode would air on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons (my memory is a bit blurry here).

It's a BBC production based on a sci-fi trilogy (a prequel fourth book was added later) by John Christopher, called The Tripods.

The slightly eerie mix of a humanity thrown back to mediaeval lifestyle and high-tech alien invaders controlling them from their large walking machines totally fascinated me. Never mind the utterly slow pace of the TV series. Never mind the obviously bad make-up and costumes (BBC is a bit notorious for that). Never mind the strange-looking compositing of tripods into the scenery (those were really early CGI days). It was cool, and the story of some kids making their way from England to the Alps and beyond on a quest to free humankind from oppression was just captivating.

Sadly, the third season, supposed to bring the final book in the trilogy to the TV screens, was never produced. Sometimes the BBC makes stupid decisions.

Thanks to DVDs, I could recently binge-watch the entire series with my son. And he loved it. If a 21st century kid can appreciate a TV series that was produced roughly 40 years ago, that's quality.

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