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Unexpected Reading

2023-09-07 — Michael Haupt

Some months ago we got a new car. It’s great, I really like it, but I found myself cautiously reading its actual user manual with a certain degree of anxiety. This is the first car we’ve owned that has a lot of technical gimmicks, and I’m simply not used to this amount of fiddling even being possible.

Setting the car up like I like it used to be straightforward: adjust seat, mirrors, and wheel; tune the heating or A/C and radio; turn the key; done - go. No more. This car is a fierce computer that has all kinds of bells and whistles built right in, and these want to be configured to work in the right way.

OK. So reading the manual was what I needed to do. For a car. As if it was the first time I’d been using one. It certainly felt like that.

I’m getting old.

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