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bashblog and MacVIM

2020-06-26 — Michael Haupt

My favourite text editor is MacVIM, so it's the logical choice to use this one for editing the Markdown sources for these bashblog blog postings. MacVIM also comes with a command line tool, mvim, that can be used to start editing in the GUI from the shell.

There's just one caveat when using mvim as the EDITOR for bashblog: mvim is a shell script that will start the MacVIM application using exec, so that it terminates when it hands over control to the editor. For bashblog, termination of the EDITOR command means to save the source file and generate HTML.

Since the source file is initially generated containing a template, the filename will be title-on-this-line.html, and the file will contain just that: the template. To actually generate the desired blog posting, one has to re-enter the editor and save again.

There's a simple hack that doesn't involve modifying either bb.sh or mvim: simply set EDITOR="mvim -f" in bashblog's .config file. The -f argument will keep the mvim script from terminating.

Tags: hacking