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Bashblog Support for "Finished" Markdown Files

2020-07-15 — Michael Haupt

So Mitch Wyle told me a while back that he likes to use the e-mail inbox feature of the Blogger platform: write your posting, send it to that e-mail address, and have it posted. That works well on an airplane - all postings will go live once the mobile phone as connectivity again.

Since I use bashblog, which isn't really a hosting service, adding e-mail will be a bit of a stretch, but there could be a different solution.

I host my blog in a private GitHub repository anyway. So how about a workflow that involves, towards the end, pulling in a Markdown file I store in some branch, putting it through bashblog, and posting it?

Now, bashblog is a bit adverse to simply processing files without its edit loop. But that's fine. I've added a publish command to bashblog that allows for just that. It may be buggy (I'm not too well versed in shell programming), and I'll be grateful for suggestions for improvement.

While the processing (pulling from GitHub, applying bashblog, uploading to the webspace) can be done by another Raspberry Pi at home that runs a cron job, I'm also painfully aware that the first steps of the workflow are still unclear.

How do I get that Markdown file onto GitHub, say, when I'm sitting on an airplane? Can I send GitHub an e-mail with the contents (push-by-mail)? Can I use the GitHub app in offline mode? More things to try.

Tags: hacking