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2022-11-16 — Michael Haupt

After having assembled my Reform laptop, I had found its keyboard to be pretty amazing despite its unusual layout. Its space key is separated, and the two alt keys are tucked in between the two halves. On the one hand, this has the effect of allowing the keyboard to be built with only two different key sizes. On the other, it requires a bit of adjustment when typing. The quality of the keys though makes it a pleasant experience, and some high-speed typing is definitely possible. I like the keyboard very much.

Thankfully, MNT Research have released the keyboard as a standalone component with USB-C connectivity. The keyboard has an anodised aluminium case. That means it's comparably heavy given its size, which is good, because it rests well on surfaces. It comes in different colours (mine is yellowish).

Of course, the keyboard is entirely maintainable using a screwdriver and programming skills. The former comes in handy to move the little tilting bar between the four different positions on the sides of the case, which allows for different typing angles. The latter is good for changing the keyboard firmware, which is, of course again, open source. Like the Reform laptop, the keyboard sports the "circle key" (top right) and accompanying OLED display to go to the firmware menu and, e.g., control the brightness of the backlights.

I really like the product portfolio these folks are building. It's open hardware that sets standards.

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