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Mostly Functions

2021-05-01 — Michael Haupt

"Write code. Not too much. Mostly functions."

I agree. Note that this can be easily misunderstood as one of those stupid pieces that pitch one particular programming paradigm against all the others. Don't take it that way.

Object-oriented abstractions have as much a justification as have functional ones (and don't get me started about all the other paradigms). Each has its place, and functions are a very good abstraction for, well, functionality, while objects are a good one for state.

Modifying state is a necessity, and those bits should be tucked away safely in very disciplined places to avoid the headaches that arise when parallelism comes into play. All the rest should be expressed in functions that are as pure as possible - same input, same output - to allow for clearer reasoning about what is going on. Programming languages usually allow to work that way.

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