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Squeaking Cellular Automata

2024-03-24 — Michael Haupt

My favourite programming language is Smalltalk, and I used to do a lot of work in the implementation of the language named Squeak, back in my post-doc days. Over the years, I’ve gone back to Squeak on and off, to do some little fun projects. Some time ago, I dabbled a bit with its low-level graphic operations to implement some machinery for playing with cellular automata (more precisely, elementary cellular automata).

Building this was a nice and refreshing experience applying TDD, die-hard object-orientation, some extension of the standard library (heck yeah!), and live debugging. Especially the latter is not easily possible in languages other than Smalltalk, where the IDE and runtime environment are essentially the same.

Eventually, I was able to generate some images for the rule 30 cellular automaton, which exhibits a nice dichotomy of order and chaos. Here are two examples, one for the standard initial generation with just one pixel set, and one for a random initialisation. It’s interesting to see how order seems to prevail on the left-hand side, while the right-hand side looks more chaotic (there are patterns there though, if you look closely).

The source code is here, in case you’re interested.

Tags: hacking, the-nerdy-bit